Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Welcome to a new day my American friends. Welcome to the new America - an Obamanation. Just like Europe but with a lot more calories.

I sure hope Barack Obama can deliver on his promise to:
"bring hope for change in the change that brings hope and changes the hope that changed the change we all hope for" - that is one huge campaign platform.

Christian brothers and sisters do not despair - with political activism looking more and more like a dead end for all those well meaning Christian moral crusaders out there, maybe they'll start putting their hands to the plough of bare knuckle Gospel preaching. The heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart and no amount of legislation can ever substitute for the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. Here's what Dr John MacArthur had to say on this subject . . .

With that in mind I think it's time for "The Way of the Master" to start selling WWRCD bracelets (what would Ray Comfort do). I have an imaginary one that I always wear on my left wrist. On my right wrist I have a WWMWS bracelet (what would my wife say) - it helps keep my fallout zone to a containable size.

Let's preach the Word in season and out of season remembering that the early church flourished under Nero's persecution. America's greatness is measured by faithful preachers and not powerful presidents because the real Commander in Chief is the One True Sovereign God who has not left His throne for a moment.


Nigel said...

Hey Cam,
Great post - thanks.

Heath said...

Obamanation! I love it. Great play on words.

I totally agree on your point though. I think that our moral stand can have the effect of driving people away from Christianity. The Gospel must be preached first. God must change people from the inside out. Not the other way round. If peoples hearts are not changed, when trouble comes all the "acting at morality" flies out the window and we go back to what 'feels' best or what 'feels' safe.

I have adapted something I heard from Dr Jim Berg into this saying
"Our character is like a Tea bag it is not until it is put into hot water that it's true flavor comes out"

Tim Brown said...

*This* has been my argument for a long time! You mean I'm not the only one who believes that God's Word is sufficient? I'm *not* crazy?

Thank you!