Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New to The Bottom Line - Washer Wednesday

Paul Washer is possibly the most downloaded preacher in the world. His preaching is making a massive impact among the resurgence of reformers. I believe what is special about Paul is that he is literally a "dead man walking". He is a man who is beyond caring about diplomatic sensibilities and getting invited back. He is a weeping prophet who fervently desires to glorify God with every fibre of his being and sheds many tears over unrepentant sinners.

I have had the great priveledge of meeting and talking with Paul Washer in person and I can say without hesitation that he is a humble and gracious man who has no interest in personal fame or recognition. His ministry "Heart Cry Missionary" is one of the best causes I have ever seen for financial support. They train indigenous missionary's in many third world countries for a tiny fraction of the cost of sending a western missionary.

Paul Washer returned to the USA to speak at a leadership conference after many years in a third world mission field. The sermon that follows "Modern American Christianity" literally rocked my world. Brother Paul drops bombs left, right, and centre on the unprepared audience telling them what he really thinks about the church culture in the USA (and other western countries for that matter). If you don't like it you'll have a hard time trying to biblically fault it . . .

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Josh Williamson said...

Thanks for posting this Cam. It was good value!