Friday, August 29, 2008

Live Cross to Justin Peters’ Meetings in Denmark

The “Back to Scripture”( coming very soon) network has just hosted our first meeting with Justin Peters. Justin is understandably tired after having a late night televised debate in England and then catching an early flight to Denmark. In spite of all of this Justin has been a true soldier of Christ in laboring tirelessly in God’s word and answering the relentless questioning he received.

Integrity is a word that I must use sparingly in these modern times of VIP preachers with bodyguards, private jets and five star hotels but integrity is a word I can lavish on Justin Peters. Not only does he come willingly without asking for money, he never asks for special treatment, and remains extremely accessible to anyone who wishes to speak to him. Justin is someone who never draws attention to his physical disability (cerebral palsy) nor uses it to emotionally manipulate people. His great love and joy is preaching and teaching from God’s Word and he has continually shown himself to be a workman faithfully handling the Scriptures (II Timothy 2:15).

Tonight, in the Danish city of Aarhus, Justin spoke about the difference between true and false revival. It was riveting and pertinent with so many people here sifting through the ruins of the so called “Lakeland revival”. Justin faced a barrage of questions about Todd Bentley and gave many of the audience a refreshing lesson in reasoning from the Scriptures. The questions continued unabated and it became clear from this that the “emergent” movement is alive and well in Denmark spreading it’s poison in many fellowships. Justin dealt with everything biblically and graciously and imparted precious insights to the hungry hearers.

Go Here To Watch Justin's Video Series Exposing the Word Faith Movement


Rob Hughes said...

Hey Cameron, glad Justin arrived safely and that he was able to attend the meeting. Sounds like it went very well!!! I feel privileged to have met Justin. What a great guy and a wonderful blessing to the body of Christ.

God bless,

Caron said...

Hi Cameron,

Justin is a very dear friend to me and I am anxious to watch the video of him in Denmark. I cannot seem to find it, however... Maybe its not up yet?