Thursday, July 17, 2008


Way of the Master is an amazing blessing to those of us in other countries through the radio show, tv show, and their myriad of resources (many of which are copywrite free). I know Ray Comfort personally and can say that he is a man who shuns extravagance and that ethos filters through the whole ministry. Ray has avoided asking for financial support for many years as he cringes somewhat at the thought of doing anything other than preaching the Gospel. But it takes a lot more fuel to run the machine these days and I believe it's high time we give back to a ministry that has given so much to the furtherance of the Gospel, to a ministry that's heartbeat is and always has been evangelism, and to a ministry staffed by people who are the "real deal" and live what they teach. If you want to sow somewhere where you know that the money will get to the frontlines of evangelism/mission then your financial support will be well spent here.

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Cameron Buettel said...

Living Waters is worth supporting. They are guys who live what they preach - absolutely really! Way of the Master is a TV show where the term "reality TV" is not an oxymoron!