Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Umbilical Cord to the Mother Ship of Good Doctrine

Living in Denmark, where finding a church that faithfully preaches the Gospel is extremely difficult and expository teaching went the way of the dodo bird a long time ago, leaves me extremely dependant on the internet to provide Spiritual food. None more so than Wretched Radio. It is my umbilical cord to the mothership of sound doctrine. Hosted by Todd Friel this show is loaded with witnessing encounters, great preaching, apologetics, humor, satire, and a willingness to tackle any subject that most "Christian media" avoids such as exposing and biblically examining false teaching.

This show captivates some and offends others. Todd would have to be the worlds most theologically sound comedian. He gets up the nose of atheists so much that there is even a legion of atheist listeners who want nothing else than to call in and argue with him. Personally, I think he does a great job of articulating biblical truth coupled with a willingness to reason on almost any subject and always marking a clear line of distinction between essential doctrine and secondary issues.

Not everyone agrees with Todd on everything but that has never been the point of this radio show. Listen to it to find out what's happenng in the world with Christianity, how to witness, and where to track down good resources. This show has pointed me in the direction of good preaching and teaching so many times. It is my umbilical cord to the mother ship of sound doctrine.

You can join the "Wretched Club" and download podcasts here

They are currently raising support for the program which has an estimated worldwide audience of 2.5 million. I heartily recommend supporting the program

Here is a sample of the program where Todd Friel reviews the book "UnChristian"

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Mark said...

I agree with you. Way of the Master Radio is fantastic.

I listen just about every day.

I do hope you find a church to attend though, because there are many aspects of the church that a parachurch ministry cannot cover.

You are in my prayers, brother!