Monday, March 17, 2008


Tony Payne began work as Matthias Media’s first editor in 1988. Since then, he has completed a degree in theology at Moore Theological College; and he has written or co-written numerous ministry resources, and edited many others. Tony’s main responsibilities are to oversee everything published at Matthias Media (including The Briefing magazine), and to get as much writing done as possible. Tony also co-authored the highly esteemedbook on church health "The Trellis And The Vine" with Colin Marshall.

Colin Marshall, Tony Payne
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All Christian ministry is a mixture of trellis and vine. There is vine work: the prayerful preaching and teaching of the word of God to see people converted and grow to maturity as disciples of Christ. Vine work is the Great Commission. And there is trellis work: creating and maintaining the physical and organizational structures and programs that support vine work and its growth. What’s the state of the trellis and the vine in your part of the world? Has trellis work taken over, as it has a habit of doing? Is the vine work being done by very few? And is the vine starting to wilt as a result? The image of the trellis and the vine raises all the fundamental questions of Christian ministry. Colin Marshall and Tony Payne answer these urgent questions afresh. They dig back into the Bible’s view of Christian ministry, and argue that a major mind-shift is required if we are to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ, and see the vine flourish again.

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Cameron Buettel said...

Mark Dever says that Tony's book is the best book he's read on church ministry. That's a huge call considering Dever wrote the best book I ever read on the subject!