Friday, March 28, 2008


Dr. Steven W Smith serves on the faculty of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as a Professor of Preaching and the Dean of their college. Smith received his Master of Divinity at Southeastern Baptist Seminary before going on to complete a Ph.D. in Communication at Regent University. Smith is at the forefront of the theological thrust to return biblical exposition to its rightful place at the epicenter of pulpit ministry and the local church. Prior to his service on the faculty of SWBTS, Smith pastored Salem Baptist Church in Richmond Virginia for eight years. Smith’s first book, Dying to Preach: Embracing the Cross in the Pulpit, has just been released.

Steven Smith

Category: Theology
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Drawing inspiration from the seminal preacher, the apostle Paul, Steven W. Smith takes a fresh look not just at the how of preaching, but at the whys. In 2 Corinthians 4:12, Paul describes the philosophy of his ministry as “death in us, but life in you.” Building on this scriptural framework, Steve Smith illustrates the theology of preaching through the metaphor of vicarious suffering, dying so that others might live. As he elaborates the intersection of the cross and the pulpit, Smith shows why the preacher must die to self, die for others, and die in Christ so that congregations may live.

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Cameron Buettel said...

Met Steven on a tour of Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth Texas. It was a privilege to speak with someone so committed to the cause of preaching with an agenda - that agenda being always determined by the biblical text!