Friday, January 6, 2012

Entering The Arena

Blogging can lend itself to voyeurism. And people like Rick Warren and Perry Noble have latched onto this stereotype as a great way of deflecting legitimate biblical critiques of their ministries. Chris Rosebrough had this to say on the subject:

You can't let bloggers look like they have any credibility at all. And remember, whenever somebody talks about bloggers - and by the way I'm one of them - they don't ever address the content of the bloggers' points, they always instead go to an ad hominem argument where they basically say 'Listen, these bloggers, they're a bunch of people in their 40's who live in their mom's basement and probably sit on bean bag chairs in their underwear eating Cheatos all day . . . these are people who are malcontents and really mentally unstable.'

Undoubtedly there are bloggers who fall into this stereotyped category, but I like to think that The Bottom Line defies that stereotype (except for the 40's part). I'm not anonymous, my ministry activities are publicly known and accessible, I offer biblical critique that is Gospel centered, and I counter what is false with something that is true. Having said that, I am now faced with several years of seminary education and a heavy academic workload. With that in mind, I will try to continue this blog but post less frequently. I hope you, the reader, will continue to check in, contend, discuss, and pray for me in this coming season. I am so thankful for the many readers who have been such an encouragement, to those who have been genuinely helped by content in this blog, and to those who come on here and argue for an opposing viewpoint - to all of you I ask you to join me for this ride I am embarking on (with my family!!!!) at The Master's Seminary in California.

I need to tread carefully now and manage my responsibilities well as a husband, father, student, provider, and priest in my home. So the servings might get a little smaller but the content should remain as spicy as ever!


Shaun RW Little said...

I think it's great you're going to seminary in your 40s Cameron. It's really encouraging for me personally because I've wanted to go to seminary (or heck even a non accredited bible college) for a few years now but as providence would have it, it's not been possible.

I'm turning 32 this month, and I got a lot in my life right now to deal with and work through... and did I mention I just got married a few months ago?

Anyways, things are going great for me, no complaints, and I'm seeing what's on my plate now as maybe a series of short term goals, and God willing maybe in 10 years I'll be in seminary too.

I'm happy and praying for you bro!


John said...


Thanks so much for all you've done through this blog, it has been a real blessing to me. All the best in your studies, you and your family are in my prayers.

God bless you