Friday, January 20, 2012

Does Jesus Hate Religion - Follow Up 2

This week marks the official first week of my studies at The Master's Seminary (TMS) and it is quickly dawning on me that I really do live in another universe now. René, who is my blogging friend from Denmark (klik her hvis du er Dansk) responded to my previous post by informing me that Jeff Bethke may have responded in gracious agreement to Kevin De Young's criticism of his Why I Love Jesus But Hate Religion video but Bethke had not subsequently taken the video down nor changed it. I think René raises a good point here and it is an issue of concern to myself. One small issue that I differed with De Young's critique was that I argued that the video should either be replaced or edited whereas De Young, in his correspondence with Bethke, suggested a follow up video of clarification. As of now, to the best of my knowledge, neither have been forthcoming.

I considered René's words as I drove into TMS yesterday morning and thought to myself how nice it would be to speak with Kevin De Young about this issue. I thought it would be great to hear his thoughts on my suggestions since Kevin is in contact with Jeff Bethke. When I arrived at the TMS library very early in the morning I asked one of my fellow students about who would be the chapel speaker for that morning. Well it just turns out that in the Providence of God, Kevin De Young just happened to be visiting California from his native Michigan and just happened to have been invited to come and preach to all the TMS students that morning.

Well, I got my chance to speak with De Young after his excellent sermon. I informed him of the disturbing fact that many of the millions who have watched this video are people who are finding affirmation in a video that should be convicting them. I also mentioned the serious issue of re-interpreting the cross and how I believe we should be zealous over that as well. René, you will be pleased to know that Kevin De Young was in full agreement and will attempt to pursue the matter further. Let's keep an eye on cyberspace over the next week and see if something develops!

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fisherwoman said...

Thank you for this post Cameron. Yes, I have also seen some posting this and was very surprised! And most definitely, we must always be discerning in everything we hear and read!

Brennan McCafferty said...

It would appear, from Jefferson's last twitter update, that he is planning on a new video coming out shortly. He is working on a new poem video at the moment. It will be interesting to see if it is a clarification of his earlier video.

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to say I'm a tad jealous. Hopefully not sinfully. May God bless you as you pursue the role as teacher/shepherd. I'd love to have been there for your moment of providence. You and Kevin are to people that helped my wife and I to see clearly the false gospel of the emergent church. Would have been neat to meet you both.


Anonymous said...

I have some concerns about the video. The speaker never defines his terms. In A.W. Tozer's books he is always defining the difference between true and false religion. Also the speaker hits republicans but does not mention democrats,when being part of any political does not make a person a Christian.

Another one of my concerns is that Jim Wallis's Sojouners like this video.

Here is a another blog post about the video that is balanced:

Keep fighting for the truth.

Brennan McCafferty said...

Well, his new video came out....and it is neither an edit of his previous video or a clarification of it. Doesn't look good.

His responded with humility at the critiques but what good is hearing about them if he doesn't do anything about them? That's not humility. It's like if I were to go and start preaching the prosperity Gospel and pastors critiqued me and told me I was wrong....and then I said, "Ya, you are right, Thanks" but then I continued to preach the prosperity Gospel.

It's as though he let the critiques roll around in his mouth for a while but then he spit them out instead of swallowing them.

Cameron Buettel said...

Brennan, please send me a link to the new video.

Brennan McCafferty said...

Here is the link for his newest video titled "Sex, Marriage, and Fairytales."