Monday, October 17, 2011

Lame Attempts At Relevance (Part 9)

It is pretty easy to figure out how much confidence the Dykstras have in the power of the Gospel. "Pastor" Eric, why not preach the Gospel like it is the only hope for a hell bound world and training people in your "church" to evangelize instead of telling them to "invite people to church"! Yes it is awkward to invite an unregenerate sinner to church - just as it is awkward to invite a corpse at the morgue over to your house for tea and scones. All you are achieving by appealing to the carnal flesh of carnal men is to gather them in a room to see if it can be fed by your X-boxes and flat screens and cars (yes, they give away cars as well). This all amounts to a massive vote of no confidence in the forgiveness of sins and imputed righteousness on offer because of Jesus Christ's ultimate sacrifice of fulfilling the law that we have broken and enduring the wrath that we deserve on a rugged cross 2000 years ago. Why is this uninteresting to the audience? Because when the law of God, and the righteousness of God, and the judgement of God is not preached then sinners will never hunger and thirst after righteousness.

But the lameness doesn't end here for Eric Dykstra. Like Perry Noble in Part 8 Eric is a wannabe tough guy and give blue collar tough guy lectures in relevance. Just as it is tragic when glam rockers from the 70's still get around in spandex, the same effect occurs when middle aged Dykstra tries to connect with the men in his audience by saying the word "dude" a lot and using unbelievably bad hermeneutics . . .

Earth to Eric - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure came out in the 80's! Young people have moved on from the space cadet speeches where sentences all finished with the word "dude". Get a life and start preaching the Gospel - if you know it! Once again, this amounts to more pathetic lame attempts at relevance. And Eric, why not start submitting to the biblical text instead of abusing it for your useless pep talks with no Gospel content.

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Anonymous said...

so cringeworthy, isn't it?

haha so terrible.

it's times like these where i can only ask the Lord to "please come quickly".