Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Public Debate With An Evolutionist - Friday, 9th September 2011

I will be participating in an evolution debate next Friday the 9th of September in Brønderslev against a biology teacher called Lars Viggers from one of the local colleges (or "gymnasium" as it is called in Denmark). Lars will be arguing for the religion of evolution. There will also be some street evangelism earlier in the day. The debate will be conducted in Danish so that will be a real stretch - please pray for me :)

Debate details:
Bredgade 117, 9700 Brønderslev
Evangelism 15:30 - 17:30
Debate 21:00 - 23:00

I have never been in a debate before and I am not entering into the ring this Friday to try and win a fight because there is a good chance that Lars is much smarter than me (there is also the slight chance that he may be a little better at Danish than me). And Lars will need to be a lot smarter than me because he is trying to defend an exceedingly dumb religion with no scientific basis whatsoever. So he has the hard work in front of him. My work will be neither difficult nor easy but will rather require steadfast faithfulness on my part to the specific message God has called me to preach. My ultimate labor during the night will be to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to open blind eyes that are dead in sin.

I am entering into this battlefield because it is about time that the THEORY of evolution stopped being taught as a fact and that the Danish public had the opportunity to hear the real facts that the Danish education system hides from them. I am hopeful that my lack of experience in debate and my lack of formal education will only help to show that the true scientific evidence is very simple and very clear:

That “Darwin's theory of evolution” is still called a theory because it has no proof.

That "the missing link” is still called "the missing link” because no one has ever found it.

And that “creation” is called “creation” because it has a Creator!


Anonymous said...

great my friend!
will pray for you.


Shimrock said...

Just a minor point--the word "theory" (in academic science) implies that there is a lot of evidence supporting it. For example, we have a theory of gravity supported by a lot of evidence.

If there is a body of evidence that does not conform to a theory, then usually that theory is either 1) incomplete, like classical physics or 2) wrong, like a flat earth.


McMurdo said...

Good! Praying for you.

Soldier of Kurios said...

Hi Cameron,

Praying for you brother! I am pumped that you are going in to bat for Jesus.

I would be careful claiming that there is no evidence for Natural Selection, as there is quite a lot of evidence. Darwinism takes it to far, however, as they claim that Darwinian theory can account for everything, which is absurd!

As I said praying for you brother!

The Soldier

Cameron Buettel said...

Hi soldier and thanks for your prayers. I will not be saying that there is no evidence of natural selection. I will be saying there is no evidence of species to species mutation.