Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just Added - Because The Time Is Near

John Macarthur's exposition of the book of Revelation has just been added to my resource directory! Ok, ok, a lot of my friends in the reformed camp are Amillenial (with a few Postmillenialists thrown in) and differ strongly on Macarthur's Premillenial eschatology. Please check out Macarthur's book anyway - and feel free to put forward suggestions for my next eschatological book to read . . .

John Macarthur

Category: Eschatology
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The end of the world is coming. From roadside signs to science fiction films, this slogan underscores our society’s nervous fascination with the future. God has told us how the world will end. And He has assured us that the end of this age will mark the beginning of a new, glorious one in which we will serve and worship Him in sinless perfection. All of this is laid out in the book of Revelation. Not only is Revelation the inspired Word of God, it is also the only New Testament book that includes a promised spiritual blessing for those who study and apply its message. Those who ignore Revelation deprive themselves of a rich treasure of divine truth, and the promised blessings that come from understanding that truth. Join John MacArthur as he explains the book of Revelation in a way that is both doctrinally precise (though Amillenialists and Postmillenialists may beg to differ) and intensely practical.

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Cameron Buettel said...

Interesting how Tim La Haye praises Macarthur's eschatological research and yet roundly condemns Calvinists! Yes, the book has an endorsement by Tim La Haye on the back cover!