Friday, July 2, 2010

5 Days To Go - Reformation Resurrection 2010

Tilbage Til Bibelen (Back To Scripture) of Denmark is proud to host Dr Peter Hammond at this years Reformation Resurrection conference in Denmark. With 5 days to go (the conference runs from July 7th to 10th) we are almost fully booked but a handful of places remain.

Dr Hammond is one of the most exciting and gripping speakers I have ever heard. He is a rare blend of "tough as nails" frontier missionary, bold prophetic voice, and academic with peerless knowledge of Europe's Reformation history. Denmark rarely has visiting preachers of this caliber. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Denmark - please don't miss out . . .

Click Here for all conference details.
Click here to view Dr. Hammonds CV.
Click here to watch a short interview of Dr. Hammond on "Wretched TV".
Click here to listen to Todd Friel interview Dr. Hammond.
Click here to download some of Dr. Hammond's sermons.

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Cameron Buettel said...

What a great conference. Videos from it will soon be available at

Keep watching that space!