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Wednesday July 7th through to Saturday July 10th 2010.

Hedemølle Boarding School
Hedemøllevej 31
8850 Bjerringbro
(pictured to the right, scroll down to view an online map)

Prices include all food and accomodation.
Adults: 700 Danish Kroner (124 USD, 94 EUR, 82 GBP)
Students: 400 Danish Kroner ( 71 USD, 54 EUR, 47 GBP)
Ages 0-6: 150 Danish Kroner ( 27 USD, 20 EUR, 18 GBP)
Ages 7-14: 300 Danish Kroner ( 53 USD, 40 EUR, 35 GBP)
Ages 15-20: 400 Danish Kroner ( 71 USD, 54 EUR, 47 GBP)

At Reformation Resurrection 2010, Dr. Peter Hammond will be teaching in subjects including the doctrine of justification, evangelism, biblical manhood and biblical womanhood, the Lord's day, and recount inspiring stories of the reformers themselves. Please don't miss this rare opportunity to be exposed to teaching and training of such high quality, biblical soundness, and fervent passion.

All preaching and teaching for the duration of the conference will be in english. Some translation will be available.

For further information and travel advice please e-mail
Henrik Mortensen

The Tilbage Til Bibelen (Back to Scripture) network of Denmark is proud to present Reformation Resurrection 2010. Reformation Resurrection 2010 is a four day conference in the Danish countryside devoted to the furtherance of the Gospel in Europe and around the world. There is a lot of talk today about "new reformations" with new solutions to new problems. But we face the same problem today that we did 500 years ago - the pulpits of Europe have abandoned the Gospel. Reformation Resurrection 2010 is a rallying cry to the same solution that the reformers risked their lives to proclaim. That sinful men can be justified before a Holy God by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone. And that this truth is faithfully proclaimed in God's Word alone, and to God's glory alone. The reformation isn't over - it just needs new life breathed into old truth. Men and women who are not ashamed of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of God unto salvation. Will you forsake the silence to join with us and be a voice in resurrecting the Reformation?

Europe has an amazing heritage of godly men and women who risked their lives for the proclamation of the Gospel and the preservation of the Bible. Thus it is entirely appropriate that this years guest speaker is no stranger to risking his life for the cause of Jesus Christ. Dr. Peter Hammond is a rare and diverse creature indeed. Trained as a soldier, educated as a historian and theologian, Dr. Hammond has been at the forefront of taking the Gospel into some of the most hostile places in Africa and around the world. It is no coincidence that the Sudanese government has a death warrant on this man when he repeatedly risks his life by travelling into the warzone of this hostile Islamic regime with the call to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. He has been stabbed, shot at, bombed, and tortured all for the sake of the message he preaches. Dr. Hammond is also an historian of the highest order having written books on subjects like the Crusades, Inquisition, and of course the Reformation.

Click here to view Dr. Hammonds CV.
Click here to watch a short interview of Dr. Hammond on "Wretched TV".
Click here to listen to Todd Friel interview Dr. Hammond.
Click here to download some of Dr. Hammond's sermons.

Below you can view an online map of the campsite:

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