Saturday, April 3, 2010

Phil Johnson Drops A Much Needed Bomb On Sissified Preachers

It was recently drawn to my attention that some pastors in Denmark did not like me referring to them as cowards and that few preachers in Europe could legitimately carry a "man card". To which I would respond that a: why don't you prove yourself as one of the few who aren't a coward and b: if you aren't a coward and don't like what I write then love me enough to confront me about the false information I am propogating.

There is a problem out there and I witness it regularly. And it's not only confined to Europe - if someone can explain to me how Johnathan Edwards is Rick Warren's hero, when Warrens' books and sermons live in another universe, I am all ears. The irony is staggering when the man that reveres him who preached "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" can stand before millions on the Fox network and say "God's not mad at you, He's mad about you". But at least in the US there is a war going on over the Gospel and there are still many true warriors who believe that the purity of the Gospel is worth fighting for. It actually seems that new soldiers are enlisting all the time.

But the silence in Denmark is deafening. The Lutheran church in Denmark is currently debating whether to allow gay wedding ceremonies in their "church buildings" - and there is barely a noise coming from the conservatives who still prefer the safety of the shadows. What are they scared of? Getting physically assaulted by a lesbian priest? I have talked to several of my Lutheran brothers in Denmark over this and they feel betrayed. I had to remind them that when homosexuality is even debated, it is already too late.

Then there is the group of sensitive postmodern pastors who removed this witnessing video (see below) from a Christian website because it is "embarrassing" (that wasn't very postmodern of them) it serves as an excellent barometer of their Gospel literacy and cowardly pragmatism.

It is also common to hear "church leaders" resort to attacking the personal credentials of laymen who ask legitimate biblical questions, it is a profound indictment against their role as shepherds, and a severe downgrade on their masculinity. When pastors read through Ephesians chapter 5 and decide that the best course of action is to circumnavigate all verses on male headship we are dealing with full blown sissys who are embarrassed at the God of Scripture. When entire church movements edit undesirable phrases out of Bible verses they use in widely published literature, we are dealing with damnable offences in the name of pragmatic sensitivities.

In the light of all this, it is so refreshing to hear from Phil Johnson drop some serious bombs on these pathetic and cowardly practices . . .


Otto said...

HAHA. Watch out for the tone-police, they´re coming for you, Cameron.

Cameron Buettel said...

What are they going to do Otto? Beat me up with their handbags?

Great to hear from you Otto. Please contact me on Skype because I want to talk to you about our summer camp with Dr Peter Hammond. You can check it out on

Anonymous said...

do you know where I can find the sermon Phil Johnson is refering to - the salty one on feminication of the church?

Cameron Buettel said...

Anonymous, the entire sermon is on our conference page if you scroll down to the bottom

Anonymous said...

yes, thank you. but (at 41 minutes 33 seconds) he was referring in that sermon to an earlier sermon on the mentioned topic.

Peace in Christ :)