Monday, February 22, 2010

A Breath Of Fresh Air In The LA Smog

Some of you may be aware that I am currently visiting Southern California with my family. When people refer to the pollution in LA they normally refer to the smog haze that hovers like a blanket over the city. But sometimes I think of the theological pollution that emmanates from Southern California (think Orange County) and hovers over mega-church suburbia like a therapeutic blanket of self-esteem and sensuality.

However, many of my personal friends and Christian brothers (and sisters) live in the greater Los Angeles area and are responsible for a lot of theologically fresh air too. Wonderful ministries like Way of the Master, John Macarthur's preaching ministry Grace To You, and Joni Eareckson Tada are based in Los Angeles. These are ministries at the forefront of rightfully furthering the Gospel around the world. It has also been refreshing to find some outstanding local churches as well, including Grace Community Church pastored by John Macarthur, where I will be attending the next Shepherds' Conference.

But during this visit I have kept hearing people I respect, raving about the church that has the giant cross erected beside the 91 freeway as you head east from LA. My wife and I couldn't help ourselves, so yesterday we went to check out Kindred Community Church. We were overjoyed to attend a local church that is another true biblical breath of fresh air. Pastor Philip De Courcy originates from the Catholic/Protestant battleground otherwise known as Ireland. He is a shepherd who loves the flock enough to preach the less palatable parts of Scripture and warn them of the perils of sin. A pastor who labors in the word and preaches through it verse by verse - not pet subject after pet subject!

I often find myself compelled to write and warn of the many subtle evils that pervade modern evangelical Christianity. And when I see something good, something that puts Christ on display in the form of a healthy local church, I am compelled to write about that also.

There is also a postscript to this story that I later found out. Kindred Community Church has a very short history, but it is one that paints a glowing picture of the Sovereignty of God . . .


Jesse said...

If you're around for another Sunday, check out Reality LA. Great pastor, rock solid theology, I think you'd like it.

Cameron Buettel said...

Jesse, can you contact me on my e-mail. I'd love to hear more about it


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Travis Yates said...

I had the privilege of attending Kindred last year while on vacation. It was very good. Thank you for the post.