Friday, August 21, 2009

More From Denmark - Paul Washer and Charles Leiter Field Questions

With the subject of Calvinism rearing it's head on Wednesday's post I thought it appropriate to post another of the videos from our camp in Denmark with Paul Washer and Charles Leiter. Paul and Charles were both jet lagged to the max when this filming was done but they continued to pour themselves out as true servants of the Most High God.

For me this video is worth watching for Charles Leiter's response to the question of Limted Atonement (a major sticking point between Calvinists and Armenianists). Charles rightly points out that many of the pillars of Calvinism in their stated form and label don't paint the entire picture. And this has much to do with the TULIP statement (which I'll discuss in another post) being a response to charges against Calvinism rather than a thorough statement of Calvin's doctrine.

Anyway Charles will explain better than I ever could and all the other stuff is great as well. The cut and thrust of Q&A is something I find intriguing and enjoyable . . .

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Cameron Buettel said...

Worth watching for Charles Leiter's answer regarding "limited atonement".