Friday, December 21, 2012

The Truth About Rick Warren

Finally, a movie that tells the truth about Rick Warren and hasn't been altered by his spin doctors. This is an important movie for those of us grazing on the modern evangelical landscape. Please check it out . . . good job guys! Also, under the video you will find links to more articles critiquing Rick Warren.

The John Piper - Rick Warren Interview

Rick Warren's Sermon at Desiring God 2010

Does Rick Warren Worship Allah?

The Undertones of Rick Warren's Inauguration Prayer for Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

I knew he was dangerous but I had no idea how dangerous until I saw this movie. I am praying the Church will repent for following and giving credence to such an apostate.

gandalf said...

well, without meaning to be overly critical, I must say that in the passage beginning in 3:30 that the authors of the film also did not communicate the gospel message fully and completely if only by not well communicating.
While they mention the inseparable bond between faith in Christ and repentance from sin, they only explore the latter in more detail (at least in that section of the film) which imho might lead some to a moralistic and performance oriented misunderstanding. A bit like the "committing yourself completely" of RW.

Gabe said...

For a long time I've thought of Rick Warren to be trouble. I'm now convinced that I've not taken seriously enough just how much trouble he is. I'll be sharing this.

@Gandalf: I don't believe the author of the video is attempting to be evangelistic. It's meant to be informative, perhaps more specifically toward Christian leaders, about the dangers of Rick Warren's version of the gospel. Therefore what it provides at 3:30 is sufficient contrast.