Friday, August 24, 2012

Phil Johnson And James White Locked In A Room Without Elephants - ER Saga (Part 11)

I've been itching for this video to come out since June! What do you get when Mike Abendroth locks Phil Johnson, James White, and Carl Trueman in a room? You get what the Elephant Room fantasizes about being. Buckle up for some refreshing, frank, and no holds barred insights on what is really going on out there in the bizarre world of modern evangelicalism . . .

No Co Ever: Episode 1 from No Compromise Radio on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron,

after watching this video - and after I realized that you are currently studying at Masters Seminary where they have a professor (Paul Felix) whose daughter is now an olympic champion - I think this story might be interestig to you.

main actors: three U.S. hurdlers (Dawn Harper, Lolo Jones, Kellie Wells)

little characterization (sketchy):
one everybodies darling off the track - the other two successful on the track.

one in the eye of the media - and likes it when it is affirming - but is sad/mad at media when it is criticizing - which is just how the media is, or not?

The other two cannot be content with their medals and bash on the media darling:

some comments are epic - people still smell and hate self-conceit - usually only in others.

To which they get this response:

Now it comes, all three profess they are Christians, but which kind of Christianity might that be?

Their social media pages reveal this:

Dawn Harper:
Twittre: follows T.D. Jakes and Joyce Meyer
has only herself as fav athlete.
Has interest in Making money
Sees herself as the "World's Greatest Hurdler!!"

Lolo Jones:
Twitter: follows Joyce Meyer and Dino Rizzo

Has only a "Public Figure"-type Facebook Page, so not much information gained from there.

Seems to be most mad about having no partner/hubby.

Kellie Wells:
Twitter: follows Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Women of Faith

Likes in her Facebook profile River of Life Christian Centre, Orlando Fla.
Their Mission statement:
To empower, encourage and equip you for total success in life.

For all three you can find some interviews where they do "God talk" I have yet failed to find anything from them about testifying for the savior of lost sinners but much about the perfect plan maker, the one that helps you through a crisis and things like that.

So, my guess is, we see here the bitter fruits of the prosperity gospel and what it has wrought on these three persons.

"The prosperity gospel will not make anybody praise Jesus it will make people praise prosperity"
- John Piper

- and I may add it will make people praise success, popularity, and self.