Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Homosexuals Need To Stop Imposing Their Beliefs On Others (Part 2)

Tom Brock is a pastor who has a track record of integrity and faithfulness in preaching the Gospel and shepherding the flock at Hope Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. Consistent with his theological convictions, Tom has stood staunchly against the pervasive liberalism that continually threatens many Lutheran congregations in the USA. This includes, of course, strong opposition to any form of acceptance for the homosexual lifestyle as anything other than something that is sinful and needs to be repented of.

One of the journalists at "Lavender", an American magazine for the homosexual community, discovered that Tom Brock attended a group called "Courageous". Courageous, as it turned out, is a recovery group for men who struggle with same sex attraction and this particular journalist thought it would be a "great idea" to visit Tom's recovery group posing as a man struggling with same sex attraction in order to get all the "dirt" on Pastor Tom.

By the time the "expose" was published Tom Brock had to respond to a list of nasty and unproven allegations by said reporter. Now I don't know Tom and I do not know anything about his personal life. But the same goes for this reporter who decided to go public with Pastor Brock's confidential confessions of his struggles with this issue. For now, I will take this faithful pastor at his word that he is a 57 year old virgin who has struggled for many years with this temptation. And here shows the great contrast between biblical Christianity and the homosexual propaganda machine. One seeks to legitimize sin out of their desire to fulfill their own selfish lusts. The other encourages confession and repentance from sin in order that we might gain forgiveness and the love that covers a multitude of sins. If homosexuals think that true Christianity is defined by a hatred of homosexuals then they are wrong. Perhaps they are wrong because of a religious hypocrite, but I have found it to be usually based upon a relentless desire to accommodate their own perversity.

Tom, like me, is a sinner. A sinner who has the courage to embrace biblical truth and not act on his fleshly desires in order to please the Savior he loves so dearly. I have nothing but love, compassion, and enormous respect for Pastor Tom Brock. And how could I have anything else in the light of my own sinful past that God graciously saved me out of? How could I ever consider my sins less heinous than Tom's? How could I not rejoice in the kindness of God saving wretched sinners like myself and Tom that we might live lives to His glory, receive undeserving pardon, have the righteousness of Christ imputed to our account, and one day enjoy endless fellowship with the Great God Who delights in saving the worst of sinners. How could we not call on homosexuals to repent and turn to Jesus Christ that they too might freely receive these gracious gifts.

Trying to pretend that homosexuality is not sinful is a cruel lie that damns many. People who do this know nothing of love. Tom Brock's struggle only serves to increase my admiration and love for him as a man who is brave enough to confess his struggles in order that he might flee sin and bring pleasure to His Savior. Thank you Lavender magazine for bringing all this to my attention. Repent while you still have time!

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TommyWou said...

To any closeted LGBT folks out there:

There is nothing wrong with your sexuality, any shame you feel is just a cultural thing, you can let it go and be loved for who you are.