Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Red Discerning Hood

We need to be better Bereans than the Bereans were. These are scary times in the market place of worldviews. We live in an era where many are determined to blur the theological lines of distinction between biblical Christianity and all the other bogus brands. Christians with a public profile must be extra vigilant in guarding against Gospel compromise and, unfortunately, I continually find a distinct lack of vigilance from far too many people. History shows that the fundamentalists veered into the ditch of separating from anything and everything that showed the slightest sign of disagreement or friendship with anyone who showed the slightest sign of disagreement. But just lately I find myself thinking that that is a better ditch to fall into than the ecumenical chasm that lies on the other side of the road.

The Greek word used for church in the New Testament is ekklesia and it means "called out ones". If we are Christians then we are a part of Christ's Ekklesia and are meant to be distinct and set apart from the world. The last thing we need right now is a blurring of these lines of distinction and I am convicted that I need to be willing to raise these issues with all concerned in my wider circle of friends. I say this as a matter of conscience rather than as a delusion of my own theological clout. What is not needed right now is a witch hunt and burning at the stake of all those who are dancing on the edges of dangerous liaisons. But true Christians with zeal for the once for all delivered faith need to be loving and gracious enough to call on our vulnerable brethren to repair their fences.

There is a gate into the sheepfold and a gate is useless without a fence!

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