Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Preaching That Exposes Elephants - ER Saga (Part 2)

Rock star pastor Steven Furtick recently hosted a 12 night event called Code Orange Revival which featured a who's who of superstar preachers including TD Jakes, Ed Young Jr., Perry Noble, and many others. But the attendance of Matt Chandler really caught a lot of us by surprise along with that of James Macdonald (though his attendance is becoming less surprising by the day). While Matt's involvement was disturbing, many of us were hopeful that this fine preacher would deliver a powerful Gospel proclamation in a pulpit well known for Steven Furtick's favorite subject - Steven Furtick! I guess reactions will vary as to whether Chandler's sermon was pointed enough, but I though it was an excellent, bold, and gracious response to the narcissism so prominent in Furtick's ministry. This is really worth checking out as an example of how to handle a situation like this. It is also worth checking out for the controversy that has swirled around this video. It would seem that Furtick, who was on stage during Chandler's sermon did not like the sermon at all. At a conference where Furtick continually cheered wildly for each successive preacher, he was extremely sombre and subdued during Chandler's message. If you are hoping that it was conviction then think again because Chandler's sermon was the only one not replayed in conference reruns. Chandler is yet to comment. Here is one of the few online videos remaining of Matt Chandler's sermon as they all seem to be getting taken down. So watch this while you have the chance and feel free to give some feedback!

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Anonymous said...

what a great message. cried listening to it. It is all about His glory!

Looking forward to meet you again Cameron, perhaps in the summer in Denmark again (where it is very, very cold right now)


Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron

This video of Matt Chandler's sermon really helped me.

Everytime i'm on the internet i read your blog.

I look forward to your next article

(im the guy that had a chat with you on a saturday night in brisbane in 2006 and i tried to take a photo of you but you didnt let me lol)

Anonymous said...

Made my day once once more, fantastic post..two thumbs up!:)

Anonymous said...

This comment would be to say thanks, i dont comment usually, but when i do it is usually for something very good.