Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Added - The Pursuit Of God

This classic work by AW Tozer has just been added to the resource directory.

A W Tozer

Category: Heroes, Puritans, And Reformers
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A. W. Tozer wrote The Pursuit of God almost overnight on a train trip from Chicago to Texas in the 1940s. Little did he know that this manuscript would be translated into 15 different languages with over 1.7 million copies in print. The Pursuit of God is a classic resource authored by one of the best-known and loved Christian writers of all time. The Pursuit of God is written in a humble yet convicting tone. It strikes right into the heart of its readers, making them see themselves clearly in the light of the Word of God and ushers them into a sense of contemplation on where they have been in their walk with God, where they are, and where they desire to be. The Pursuit of God is replete with Scriptures and Tozer’s insights on those Scriptures. Every person, young and old, ought to read this Christian classic considered as a spiritual treasure.

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Cameron Buettel said...

Near the end of his life Tozer said that he had preached himself off every conference platform in America.