Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Christian Billboards!

Billboards courtesy of Sacred Sandwich.


newtaste said...

The last one, is it saying that Lutherans drink beer and Baptists don't? Funny then!

Probably have a Corona on the weekend, with a slice of lemon of course!

Gabriel said...

Hey, Cameron! I love your blog. I'm catching up on your "Tale of Two Kings" as I've been doing some study lately on the life of David. I'm really enjoying it.

I came across your name a couple years ago when a pastor friend of mine told me to throw out my Nooma videos. "They're rubbish," he said, and challenged me to break down Bell's theology on my own.

I'm glad I did. Your video was the first stepping stone to living a life as a Christian that glorifies Christ and not myself. I wish I could go back to the youth groups I spoke to at the time I was presenting a Bell-spun theology and tell them, "Look, I was wrong, and here's why." I am moving forward in a direction that is God-honoring. I am now a full-time music leader at a First Southern Baptist Church, and seeking Him every day.

Thanks for doing what you are doing. I'm sure you've faced many attacks for speaking the truth and defending the faith. But it's all for the glory of God :)

Otto said...

Hey, where can i sign up for the Jack Bauer school of pragmatic evangelism? I know alot of people who could use some of that.

Heath The Blogless said...


Have a question for you totally off topic. Is there any 2nd or 3rd Baptist Churches? Ive seen heaps of first Baptist Churches what is the deal with the name where does it come from?