Monday, November 2, 2009

A Post From The Internet Wilderness

Oh the shame of it all! Here I am writing this post on my wife's iphone, and typing at the speed of a VHS (when it's nearly finished rewinding). Three days "offline" and I feel like Tom Hanks in that movie where he gets stuck on a deserted island . . . except for the growing a beard part. All these years of mocking the nerd community without ever seeing my face in that crowd. How did I become so dependant on cyberspace?

I believe it is often the Holy Spirit that gives me a good whiff standing downwind of myself! I am reminded of my precious brothers and sisters in the persecuted church. Christians in places like North Korea and Saudi Arabia who suffer atrocities infinitely worse than going three days without checking my inbox. These people are the real heroes that gain fellowship in the sufferings of Christ.

How precious is my Jesus Who loved me while I was in my sins. How priceless is His blood that paid for my littany of crimes against Him! How glorious is the resurrection hope! And how pathetic of me in the light of these unshakeable truths to lament my lack of internet access over the last three days.

If you can't find me tomorrow I'll be in the repentance corner!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron hope things went well with the move! :)

Don't push yourself too much in replying to your blog. Remember your not judge by how much you do but by how faithful you are at it. :)

Your doing a wonderful job in defending what Christ has taught us!

You have written alot on Rob bell but can you now simplify it? Like create a point form list what his heresy are? It really helps so readers who need to know the FACTS can do so. :) And if they want to read more they can read up more on your blog.

And include the links to it also if you can..

Thanks if you can do this!

Keep standing up for the truth! :)