Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Keith Green Story

My earliest significant Christian influence, aside from Chick comics, would have to be the music/teaching ministry of Keith Green. Keith Green stood head and shoulders above most modern "contemporary Christian Music" because it was never an industry or a marketplace to him. Keith was driven purely by the message he carried. He was at times a reckless zealot but he never ceased to burn for Jesus Christ from the day he was born again until his premature death.

Even though it is long (and some of the readers have a short attention span or time contstraints), I'm posting this documentary because many of you who read this blog are passionate people, especially when it comes to the truth. This is the fascinating story of a man who lived an uncompromising life as he burned to tell the world the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And he wrote and sang some of the most timeless and profound songs that brought Scripture to life. Make sure you've got some Kleenex handy . . .


Cameron Buettel said...

The music brings back such strong memories of my early days as a Christian.

Paul said...

Amen, I have a very similar story with regard to the life and ministry of Keith Green.